2014 – Fashion Culture

Contextura is a brand that stands out for the union of fashion and culture. In order to involve customers in the awareness of sustainable fashion, it creates an opportunity to experience art, sustainability, design, various courses, cultural events and scientific experiments in the area of ​​fashion. During the days of the World Cup, Contextura was selected to represent Porto Alegre at Fashion Culture Brazil – Project of the Ministry of Culture, whose objective is to publicize the diversification of Brazilian culture – favoring the brand’s sustainable fashion in the state capital.

Among the sustainable fashion strategies, this collection made use of the upcycling of surplus yarns from straight knitting and substraction cutting. Some of the threads present in the collection are used in surface treatments of the pieces with textile collages; others, in turn, are recycled and, later, included in the elaboration of handmade lace.

The pieces developed with the substraction cutting method (developed by Julian Roberts) present a complex method in the design of models for aesthetically differentiated fashion products, which consists of different cuts and folds in the fabric, resulting in new volumes.