BEFW – Contextura´s Fashion Show

Contextura paraded the Lights 2020 Collection, in the last edition of Brazil Eco Fashion Week (BEFW) 2019, in São Paulo.

The Lights Collection started the fashion show with black pieces, representing the absence of light; With the progress of the same, it was lightening, going through the tones of smoked, orange and white, representing the awakening to a more ethical and sustainable fashion.

Brasil Eco Fashion Week is the largest fashion and sustainability meeting in Latin America, in its 3rd edition, the event proposes debates, lectures, workshops presenting the following guidelines: organic crops, material certifications, upcycling techniques, recycling, models of business for sharing and circularity, practices of transparency, diversity, activism, inclusion and fair trade. They promote the showroom space, fostering the relationship between brand and consumer and the lineup of sustainable brand shows that are curated by experts in fashion and sustainability.