2017- Reveal

The Revelar Collection consists of 3 distinct lines: City, Eu me amo and Printed Art, consisting of dresses in midi and elongated versions, blouses and T-shirts in timeless proposals, promoting the extension of the product’s life cycle and, consequently , ensuring the sustainable purpose of the brand. In the City line, functional bets for everyday life are suited to the hectic lifestyle of cities. Different textures on the key pieces draw attention to the bold surface design, elaborated in technological fabrics and (polyester or) recycled PET. The Eu me amo line is inspired by comfort and well-being, and the soft touch is the keynote for making pieces with draped textures and textile collage technology that sharpen the senses. The Printed Art line, on the other hand, highlights prints inspired by spatulate paintings, showing joy through artistic expression through the sublimation process with certified ink.

Conceptual pieces were created for this collection, which later served as the basis for the development of commercial pieces.