Slow Fashion Premium: 

The slow fashion ideology proposes to rethink the relationship between the wearer and their clothes. It operates on an organic growth system and creates fashion without following trends. It is based on innovation, authorial and timeless design, durability, clean processes and less polluting raw materials. It preserves natural resources, respects people, encourages manual work without giving up technological advances, making meaningful clothes.

Creator Fashion Design and its Premium Attributes: 

– clothing designed for well-being, feel-good with freedom of movement, refined aesthetics;

-authorial, timeless design;

– contemporary elegance, versatile for various occasions;

-technical and aesthetic durability;

– high quality fabrics and good skin feel;

– modeling that suits different body types;

– easy to maintain, no ironing;

– products designed with efficient use of trims, targeting the design for disassembly</span > – DfD – allows easy recovery of products, parts and materials for textile regeneration  in the post-use phase.