2020- CMYK Silver

CMYK Silver- 2020

Slow fashion practice produces clothes that last longer and can be combined with the rest of your wardrobe.

The CMYK Silver collection highlights this new neutral color that ensures reduced fuel consumption by updating the look for the year 2020!Clean, well-designed shapes, well-being and ease of use and maintenance are achieved by using selected raw materials from advanced textile technology such as biodegradable polyamide. Amni Soul / Rhodia certified fiber has ecological advantages of lower consumption of water, energy, hazardous chemicals and waste in the production chain. Produces a lighter fabric that offers greater thermal comfort, longer durability, soft touch, natural drying and no ironing, saving energy and inputs in its use phase.

The collection has four lines:

The Eu me Amo (I Love Myself) line is made up of very comfortable blouses, dresses and skirts, with Contextura’s unique modeling and surface design. Highlight for handcrafted tactile textures.

Wearable Art (WearArt) line features t-shirts with authored printed art.

The WearPlane ® line features versatile double-sided vests and dresses.

And the Zero Waste line that excels in waste-free modeling and the use of recycled fabrics, as the protagonist is the recycled felt coat dubbed with biodegradable polyamide. Highlight is also given to the sneaker footwear launched by the partnership between Contextura and Studio 10, with the use of surplus fabrics in the production phase, combining comfort and sustainable materials and toxic free.

The CMYK Silver collection brings producers and consumers closer to a winter with a warm atmosphere.