Who we are

The Contextura designers are Evelise and Anne Anicet, mother and daughter, both with a degree in fashion and visual arts, postgraduate degree in design and sustainability, degree in Brazil, USA, Portugal and Italy.

Evelise Anicet 

Contextura´s designer, researcher and Full Professor at UFRGS. Has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, UFRGS. Stylism Course with Marie Rucki, Studio Berçot / Rhodia / Paris / São Paulo. Master in Visual Arts, UFRGS. Advanced Painting and Fashion Design at The Art Institute of Chicago, USA. PhD in Computer Science in Education, Surface Design thesis: practice and learning measured by digital technology. Post Doctoral in Surface Design and Sustainable Fashion, UFPR. Coordinator of UFRGS Surface Design Center since 1998. Coordinator of UFRGS Sustainable Fashion Center, since 2013.

Author of the books:

Surface Design, UFRGS Publisher, 2008/2013.

Publisher and author of the book Global Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion, in conjunction with Alison Gwilt and Alice Payne, by Bloomsbury, London, 2019.

Anne Anicet

Designer and Plastic Artist of Contextura. Has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, UFRGS. Technologist in Fashion and Style, UCS. Improvement in Fashion Design, by the European Institute of Design (Italy). Master in Clothing Design and Marketing, University of Minho (Portugal). PhD in Design with focus on sustainable fashion, University of Aveiro (Portugal). Researcher at the Sustainable Fashion Center, UFRGS. She has been a university professor of fashion design for 10 years. She teaches courses in sustainable fashion design face to face and online.