2015- With Texture

The With Texture Collection explored the expressiveness of colors, shapes and textures from the most varied experiences lived and recorded by the brand’s designers. Among the inspirations are organic cabbage from the rural area of the interior of Rio Grande do Sul; aquatic plants from the Palmen Garten in Frankfurt; and the floor and wall coverings of historic buildings such as the Parisian Petit Palais and the beautiful texturesof pink stones of Heidelberg Castle, built in 16th century Germany. The images nurtured the Arte Impressa product line.

The scarves, in particular, unite two artwork images printed with Oeko-Tex certified ink, resulting in an even more original and curious fusion, providing versatility for the piece. T-shirts, dresses and scarves carry stories in art form.

Upcycling of knitting yarns was applied to shirts creating new visual and tactile textures.