Circular Design

The Global Fashion Agenda ( ) is an international fashion platform that works to advance policies and support measures that reinforce sustainability goals, establish circular systems and encourage necessary changes, disseminating and producing specialized knowledge at strategic and operational levels in the industrial, academic and professional sectors.

Contextura was a signatory of the Global Fashion Agenda 2020 project, which emerged at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017 and called on fashion brands and retailers to sign a commitment to accelerate the transition to a circular fashion system. (acessado em 06.07.2021)


Summary of the results of Contextura’s participation in the Global Fashion Agenda 2020_ Fashion Summit_ Denmark project.

  1. The principles of circular design became part of all new project briefings;
  2. Three designers were trained;
  3. In 2020 we increased the use of recycled post-consumer textile fibers in our collection by 10%.
  4. 60% of the 2020 collection was designated for circularity;
  5. A network of cooperation between companies was established with a view to the circularity of fashion in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
  6. In the cultural aspect, Contextura assumed the role of disseminating and fighting for the cause of circularity in fashion in Brazil.

Signatory brands of the 2017-2020 project: